Learn To Speak French Fluently The Tried And Tested Way

Hi guys, welcome to my blog about learning French. In this post I wanted to give you detailed information about how I succeeded in learning to speak French fluently, including the methods and techniques that I found to be most effective for helping me learn.

Using the techniques I will talk about, it took me a mere 3 months before I was able to confidently have basic conversations in French, and 8 months until I considered myself a fluent speaker.

When I first decided that I wanted to learn to speak French fluently, I went out and investigated all the different private lessons available in my area, all the online courses, and all the learning books and DVD’s. The difference in costs and accessibility is quite large – private courses tend to be held at very fixed times which were not suitable for me, and the cost is huge. A comprehensive course lasting months can cost thousands of dollars. I decided that this wasn’t for me, as I wanted a French learning program that I could do in my own time at my own pace, and at a price I could afford.

I purchased three different online study courses and audio books, and eventually settled on the rocket French online course because I was impressed with the course materials and design (and the price!) and found it easy to follow. Whilst studying the course, I noticed the following techniques had the most beneficial effects in helping me learn to speak French fluently:


If you want to achieve fluency in French, or any language in fact, it is universally accepted that you have to completely immerse yourself in it. Obviously the easiest way to do this would be to live in France, however for me that was not an option. But I still managed to use French immersion whilst staying in my hometown. I did this by utilising the various audio lessons, and listened to them constantly on my iPod. On the train, on the bus, whilst shopping – in fact anytime I could I would have my headphones in, and be feeding my brain French language practice. It is surprising how quickly these lessons sink in when you are listening to them frequently, and before long they really became engrained in my memory.


Another great way to immerse yourself in the language is to practice, practice, and practice some more. The best way to practice is with another French speaker, however I don’t know any in my area. A great feature of the rocket online course is their online community. You can connect with other learners following the program, as well as online tutors. Not only was I able to ask questions and seek help, but I managed to find a couple of language practice partners, and we would email each other in French and practice via skype. I really think that this was one of the most effective methods I used, the improvement in my French speaking was noticeable after just a few days of doing this. In my opinion, finding French practice partners is one of the most important things you can do, and provides invaluable writing and speaking experience.

Think in French

They say a true marker of fluency in another language is when you think in it. Throughout my day I would try to think In French – what I mean by that is as I was going about my business, I would consciously try to translate any thoughts I had into French. It may sound odd, but it really gets your brain working, and highlights any deficiencies you have, which you can brush up on when you get home.

Constantly Test Yourself

I would regularly take the online quizzes and tests provided in the course I took. This not only highlighted any areas that needed further work, but also really boosted my confidence when I looked at the progress tracker and saw how much I was improving. I often had times when I started to feel lazy or demotivated, but I found this provided a real boost, so would definitely recommend doing something like this to others.

Use French TV, Movies, Books, Newspapers, and Music

The internet is a wonderful thing, and you can get free access to French music, TV, and movies online. You can also pick up French language books and newspapers relatively easy. This is another major point that really helped me improve and gain true fluency. By using these different types of media, I dramatically improved my French pronunciation and comprehension. It also helps to show “real words” that French people are learning, as often text books teach a very sanitised version of a language that doesn’t truly reflect how French people really speak.

Work Hard

My final point is to work hard! Learning to speak French fluently is a challenge and not easy. When you purchase a course, all it will give you is the materials you need. It is up to you to actually utilise these tools and make them work for you. If you don’t put in the hours and the effort, then you will never attain fluency in French! I put in a lot of time, and although it was hard work, I did enjoy it, and I find it a real thrill to be able to speak another language. The more you put in, the more you will get out! Click here to get more details about the course I followed

I hope you found these points helpful, if you have any of your own tips, why not leave a comment? I would be really interest to hear what kind of things have worked for other people. Until next time.. happy learning!

The Benefits Of Speaking French Fluently

There is a big difference between speaking French, and speaking French fluently. Many people can speak a little French, and are able to say some basic words and phrases, but is this really what you want? With a bit more effort and applied focus, it is possible to truly achieve fluency. Being fluent in French opens up a number of new avenues and opportunities.


Think of just how much more you can get out of a holiday to France if you are truly fluent in French. You can easily break away from the tourist traps and get so see the real France. You will be able to converse freely with locals, find out the best places to eat, drink, stay and visit, straight from those who are best placed to give such a recommendation – the people who have lived there all their lives. Being fluent in French will make your trips to France much more enjoyable, and will avoid many of the frustrations that can come from travelling to a non English speaking country.

Work And Live In France

If you have learnt to speak French fluently, then you have the opportunity to live and work in France. Perhaps you are looking for a new start, or maybe you just love French food and culture. I love Paris and plan to live and work there in starting in 2011 – this would be just a dream if I hadn’t managed to learn to speak French fluently.

Assist Your Career Or Business In Your Home Country

Perhaps your company does business with French customers? Speaking French fluently opens up a number of potentially lucrative opportunities at home. Employees who are fluent in another language are rare and in big demand. Speaking French fluently can be a very lucrative skill, and significantly increases your employability, and the number of jobs you are eligible to do. It is always good to continually learn new skills in the job market, and learning to speak French is a great way to do this. French customers will be impressed by your ability to speak their language, and this could easily sway a contract in your favour.

Meet New People

Get involved in the local French community, meet likeminded people, and expand your circle of friends. I have made several French friends since becoming fluent in French, and I believe that having a friendships with people from other countries really broadens and improves your outlook on life. I have always loved French culture and food, so it is great to really get to know people I otherwise would not have met.

Speaking Multiple Languages Is Fun

Most Americans only speak English. I found it just plain fun learning a new language, and being able to speak fluently is really cool, and impresses lots of people J It is something that sets your apart from most other people, and it’s great being able to communicate in two different languages.

These are just my opinions of why speaking French fluently is great – what are yours?

Why learn To Speak French?

I thought I would make a quick post about why you should choose to learn French over other languages, and compiled some fun facts and figures.

  • French as a foreign language is the second most taught language in schools throughout the world (after English)
  • 28 countries around the world have French as their national language, and is spoken on all 5 continents
  • Many international bodies value French speaking job applicants
  • French is widely spoken in Canada, which is the US’s largest trading partner
  • There are 2300 French companies in America, employing over half a million Americans.
  • Speaking French is a skill valued by university admission bodies
  • French food and culture is renowned throughout the world. If you have never visited Paris, you are missing out!

As you can probably tell, I really love France and all things French. These are just a few facts and figures – Got any other good reasons? Post a comment!

Learn To Speak French Fluently in 12 Months?

Hi guys, welcome to my blog. I hope you will find some of the information I plan to share with you helpful. I thought I would use my first post to tell you a bit about me, and how I learnt to speak French fluently.

From start to finish, it took me just over 12 months to attain a level of fluency where I felt I could talk about pretty much anything with a French speaker. Although I still had things to learn, I was able to read French newspapers, watch French movies, and understand French music. Just goes to show that it doesn’t take years to learn a foreign language, and believe me when I tell you that I am no academic. The key was just having the dedication and will to learn, and obtaining good quality learning materials. I will post more about the materials and techniques I used to enhance my learning later on.

The course I took cost a total of just $150, which also proves you don’t know to pay for expensive private tuition. Many of the most useful tools and learning materials are free or low cost – newspapers, music, movies, and books. You don’t need intensive classes costing thousands of dollars! I am really happy that I decided to learn to speak French fluently, and I hope I can help you with some of the things I have picked up.

I am planning to move to Paris and work there, sometime in 2011, so fingers crossed it all goes to plan. This would not have been possible if I had not learnt to speak French fluently. If you have any comments or queries about how to speak French fluently, just let me know and I will do my best to help.